80+ Spanish Words to Describe Your Mom (2023)

80+ Spanish Words to Describe Your Mom (1)

April 15, 2021 by Michelle Margaret Fajkus Spanish Vocabulary 0 comments

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to learn some excellent words to describe your mom in Spanish!

This article gives you the basic tools you need to fully answer the question, ¿Cómo es tu mamá? (“What is your mom like?”). Keep reading for a gold mine of adjectives, nouns, phrases, and sentences to describe your beloved madre any day of the year.

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  • Practical Words to Describe Your Mom in Spanish
  • A Reminder About Spanish Adjectives
  • Flowery Words to Describe Your Mom in Spanish
  • Improve Your Spanish-Speaking Skills

Practical Words to Describe Your Mom in Spanish

First, let’s take a look at how to describe your mother in terms of her appearance, experience, marital status, or other aspects of her life and background.

Her name — su nombre

Her age — su edad

Her marital status – su estado civil

  • Married — casada
  • Single — soltera

Her profession — su profession

Her nationality — su nacionalidad

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Her appearance — su apariencia

Other characteristics — otras características

80+ Spanish Words to Describe Your Mom (2)

Example Sentences

Mi mamá se llama Linda.
My mom’s name is Linda.

Mi madre está casada con mi padre.
My mother is married to my father.

Mi madre tiene sesenta y ocho años.
My mother is 68 years old.

Mi madre era una maestra de educación especial.
My mother was a Special Education teacher.

Mi madre tiene un hermano mayor y una hermana menor.
My mother has an older brother and a younger sister.

Mi mamá es baja y gordita.
My mother is short and chubby.

Mi madre es bonita.
My mother is beautiful.

Mi madre es mexicana.
My mother is Mexican.

Mi madre usa gafas.
My mother wears glasses.

Mi mamá nació en California.
My mom was born in California.

Mi madre tenía 27 años cuando yo nací.
My mother was 27 when I was born.

Mi mamá tiene dos hijas y un hijo.
My mom has two daughters and a son.

¡Quiero mucho a mi mamá!
I love my mom very much!

To learn more, check out Talk About Your Family in Spanish.

80+ Spanish Words to Describe Your Mom (3)

A Reminder About Spanish Adjectives

When you use Spanish adjectives, remember that each describing word in English usually has not one but four corresponding describing words in Spanish!

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This is because Spanish adjectives must agree with the gender (masculine or feminine) and number (singular or plural) of the noun they describe.

That’s why most Spanish describing words have similar but separate words for each of the two genders (for example, bajo or baja for the word “short”). If they’re referring to plural people, places, things, or ideas, an -s must be added at the end (bajos, bajas).

However, some adjectives end in -e and thus have just one form, such as

  • inteligente – intelligent
  • alegre – joyful, cheerful
  • valiente – brave

All the vocabulary in this post refers to one mother. I’ve provided the singular feminine form of many Spanish adjectives for you below!

Flowery Words to Describe Your Mom in Spanish: 82 Singular Feminine Adjectives

In honor of Mother’s Day, it’s a lovely idea to use more flowery words to describe your mom in Spanish.

To discuss your mother in the third person, the most basic sentence to use is

Mi mamá es __________.
My mom is __________.

To address your mom directly, use any of the following options:

Mama, eres __________.
Mom, you are __________.

Gracias por ser __________.
Thank you for being __________.

Te amo por ser ____________.
I love you for being ____________.

Siempre ha sido __________.
You’ve always been __________.

Te agradezco por ser tan __________.
I appreciate you for being so __________.

Simply fill in the blank with any relevant adjectives from the alphabetical list below.

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80+ Spanish Words to Describe Your Mom (5)

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Affectionate — afectuosa

Amazing — increíble

Appreciative — agradecida

Attentive — atenta


Beautiful — hermosa

Beloved — amada

Blessed — bendita

Bold — intrépida

Brave — valiente


Calm — tranquila

Careful — cuidadosa

Caring — cariñosa

Cautious — cauta, cautelosa

Cheerful — alegre

Cherished — querida

Clever — lista

Compassionate — compasiva

Confident — segura

Considerate — considerada

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Direct — directa

Delightful — preciosa, agradable


Eccentric — excéntrica

Efficient — eficiente

Elegant — elegante

Emotional — sensible

Exquisite — exquisita


Friendly — amigable

Fun — divertida

Funny — graciosa

80+ Spanish Words to Describe Your Mom (6)


Generous — generosa

Good — buena

Graceful — agraciada

Grateful — agradecida

Great — estupenda


Happy — contenta

Hard-working — trabajadora

Helpful — ayudante

Honest — honesta

Humble — modesta, humilde


Imaginative — imaginativa

Impulsive — impulsiva

Independent — independiente

Inspiring — inspiradora

Interesting— interesante


Joyful — alegre


Kind — amable, bondadosa


Loving — amorosa

Lovely — linda, encantadora


Mature — madura

Memorable — memorable

Motherly — maternal


Nice — simpática, amable


Patient — paciente

Peaceful — pacífica

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Persevering — perseverante

Playful — juguetóna

Pleasant — agradable

Polite — educada

Positive — positivo

Powerful — poderosa

Practical — práctica

Precious — preciosa

Protective — protectora

Proud — orgullosa


Quiet — reservada


Realistic — realista

Reliable — fiable, de confianza

Resourceful — ingeniosa

Respectful — respetuosa

Responsible — responsable


Sassy — atrevida

Sensible — sensata

Sentimental — sentimental

Serious — seria

Skillful — hábil

Smart — inteligente

Special — especial

Stable — estable

Strong — fuerte

Super — súper

Sweet — dulce


Talented — talentosa

The best — la mejor

Thoughtful — pensativa

Tolerant — tolerante


Vivacious — vivaz


Wise — sabia

Wonderful — maravillosa


Young at heart — joven de corazón

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Improve Your Spanish Speaking Skills

Mother’s Day is a time for love, family, friendship, and gratitude for all the moms and mother figures in our lives. Now, you’re stocked with a plethora of fabulous words to describe your mom in Spanish. Want to learn how to pronounce these adjectives correctly and speak fluent Spanish? Sign up for a free class at Homeschool Spanish Academy!

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80+ Spanish Words to Describe Your Mom (9)

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