All You Should Know About Samsung Smart Switch Transfer (2023)

Changing a phone today is becoming synonymous with changing clothes. And the issues faced by customers have motivated several companies to build customized file and data transfer solutions. These solutions allow the users to transfer data to the new phone seamlessly without leaving anything behind in their old phone, which they might sell.

Samsung Smart Switch is a dedicated application to transfer files to the new Samsung Galaxy devices. Whether the person is using an iOS device or an Android phone, this application can be used to transfer data smoothly. Plus, we can also use the same application to transfer data from a PC or Mac to a Samsung Galaxy device.

Let's find out more details about using Samsung Smart Switch.

  • Part 1 : What is Samsung Smart Switch?
  • Part 2 : How Does Samsung Smart Switch Work?
  • Part 3 : What Does Samsung Smart Switch Not Transfer?
  • Part 4 : How to Use Samsung Smart Switch to Transfer Data?
  • Part 5 : Samsung Smart Switch Not Transfer?
  • Part 6 : Conclusion
  • Part 7 : FAQs

What is Samsung Smart Switch?

Samsung Smart Switch is an android application built and deployed by Samsung to help smartphone users easily switch to a Samsung Galaxy device. Whenever a person replaces their phone, they need access to the same data and media on the new phone.

Samsung Smart Switch can help you transfer files, applications, images, contacts, messages, calendars, videos, and even call logs to the new phone. If not for this application, users have the option to use third-party smart switch transfer apps for the same purpose, and they are not as secure as the company-provided application.

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Besides using an application, we can also transfer the data by sending individual files via Bluetooth from one phone to another. Or we can first transfer the entire data to a computer and then send it to the new phone.

While you will have to waste extra time following the last two methods on one side, you cannot transfer call logs, messages, and calendars with these methods. Not to mention the extra work you have to put in for the same.

Do you have questions in mind like;

  • Does Samsung Smart Switch transfer Whatsapp messages?
  • Does Smart Switch transfer passwords?

And there may be many more. In the following sections, we will try to answer all these questions while giving you a complete overview of how to use the smart switch transfer apps for the best results.

How Does Samsung Smart Switch Work?

The Samsung Smart switch application works in two ways, wireless and wired. The wireless transfer of data is powered by WiFi, where the user must connect both the phones via WiFi through the application and initiate the transfer of data.

The second way is by connecting the devices via data cable and then initiating the transfer. However, this option is not as popular as the wireless transfer because;

  1. Every Samsung Galaxy device does not always come with a data cable.
  2. Some devices don't have the ports to connect to a mobile phone.

Hence, the best way to transfer data from an existing smartphone to Samsung Galaxy is by using the wireless mode. The application has a built-in system wherein, after connecting the two devices, the person will be presented with the types of files and data that can be transferred from the application.

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After selecting the same, the transfer will begin, and at its completion, all the data from the existing phone will be moved to the new Samsung Galaxy.

What Does Samsung Smart Switch Not Transfer?

When it comes to data transfer, we would like to do into the details of the same and try to establish a clear distinction between;

  1. What does Samsung Smart Switch transfer?
  2. What does Samsung Smart Switch not transfer?

Beginning with the first question on what we can transfer via this application. In contrast, we have already mentioned the data that can be moved from one device to another. We can include images, videos, contacts, call logs, text messages, applications, calendar events, etc.

You can transfer all types of images and videos; however, whether they play or not in the new device depends on the extensions compatible in Samsung Galaxy. This can be an issue specifically when you are transferring files from an iPhone or Mac.

The file extensions of images and videos captured on an iOS or Mac device are different from the ones captured on an Android device.

So, we can see that there are limitations to what type of files we can transfer via the Samsung Smart Switch app. We have also mentioned that we can transfer messages, but only text messages.

If you are wondering, "can I transfer WhatsApp messages via the application," then the answer is no. Samsung Smart Switch does not allow you to transfer messages you have received in Whatsapp. You can, however, transfer the media files received on the app, but not the messages.

Along with this, DRM-protected media files, application-related data, and account information cannot be transferred. Plus, you cannot transfer browser history, specifically Safari and bookmarks.

How to Use Samsung Smart Switch to Transfer Data?

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Follow the steps to transfer data from an Android device to Samsung Galaxy;

  • On Samsung Galaxy, go to Settings, then to Accounts and Backup, and select Smart Switch.
  • On the new device, select "Receive Data" or "Receiving Device" on Samsung Galaxy. And on the other device, select Sending Device.
  • Depending on the transfer mode, select Wireless or Cable. However, for a Wifi connection to work properly, make sure that both the devices are closer to each other.
  • Next, select the media files and other data you wish to transfer and wait for it to be moved from one device to another.
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  • Wait for the data to be transferred and start using your Samsung Galaxy with all the old apps and media files on a new phone.

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The second way to do this is by using a USB cable and connecting both devices. Here you have to follow the same process with a difference that when promoted to select Wireless or Cable, select Cable.

Samsung Smart Switch Not Transfer?

While the Samsung Smart Switch is a good solution, it is not an absolute one. There have been complaints about the Smart Switch transfer process where it gets stuck at a certain point and doesn't move ahead. At this time, we are forced to look at other options and try to compare Android file transfer vs. Samsung Smart Switch.

For times like these, here are a few useful tips;

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  • Try clearing the Smart Switch app's cache. Sometimes a loaded cache can prevent the application from working smoothly, leading to issues.
  • If this does not work, try reinstalling the application in your existing phone. On the new Samsung Galaxy, you can disable and enable the app.
  • Lastly, restart both the phone and then try again.

However, you have another easy solution that provides the same level of security and accessibility with more features, and that is AirDroid.

How can AirDroid Help?

AirDroid Personal is advanced remote access and file management solution compatible with Android and iOS devices. By using this application, you can transfer files and media content from one device to another.
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With AirDroid;

  • Transfer files and documents of any format and extension easily.
  • Work with mobile devices and computers powered by iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and Linux.
  • There is no need to use a cable to transfer the data; it works under any WiFi network.
  • Send photos and videos instantly with the Nearby feature.
  • Share all the files without compromising on the quality.

Get Free App

AirDroid is the next best alternative to Samsung Smart Switch when it comes to transferring data and applications from your old phone to a new one.


Considering the speed in which people change their mobile phones, the companies had to bring out solutions to help their customers switch to any mobile easily. Solutions like Samsung Smart Switch allow customers to enjoy accessing the same files and data while enjoying working on a new phone.

Using the Smart Switch transfer application, the file and data transfer process is accelerated and secured with the right measures. Using the same app, we can also create a backup of the data and important files so that you may never lose them.


Does Samsung Smart switch transfer SD card?

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(Video) Samsung Support: How to use Smart Switch for Samsung Galaxy to Samsung Galaxy

Yes, it can transfer data from the SD card. To do so, when transferring data, look for the SD card icon located on the top right corner of the interface. Click on it and create a backup with the files you want to transfer. Next, insert the SD card into your new Samsung Galaxy and open the Smart Switch interface. Again click on the SD card and hit Restore.

Does Smart Switch transfer apps?

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Yes, it can transfer apps, but the amount of app-related data that can be transferred is limited. At the same time, you can transfer the applications but not the app data and login credentials.

Can Smart Switch transfer from Samsung to iPhone?

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(Video) How to use Samsung (Smart Switch) to move everything from phone to a another

No, the Smart Switch transfer capabilities are limited to sending files from iPhone to a Samsung Galaxy phone and not vice versa.

How to use Samsung Smart Switch wirelessly?

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For wireless operations, launch the application and select the wireless mode, followed by connecting two devices via the same WiFi network. In other words, both the devices that are used for transfer must be connected to the same Wifi network.

Does Smart Switch transfer text messages?

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Yes, you can transfer text messages from the app, but only the phone-based SMS and not the ones available on Whatsapp, Messenger, and other third-party applications.


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