Can you connect a Ring Doorbell to a Google Nest Hub? The answer is yes, it is possible to connect them through the Google Home app. By selecting "Setup Device" and choosing "New Device," you can pair your Ring Doorbell with the Google Nest Hub. However, (2023)

The limitations in compatibility arise from the fact that Amazon, the parent company of Ring, and Google are competitors in the smart home market. As a result, their products may not integrate seamlessly. Despite this, you can still download the Google Home app, Nest app, and Ring Doorbell app from your respective app stores and connect them to your smart home devices. The process of connecting the apps is straightforward, as the Ring Doorbell is compatible with various smart home devices.

So, how can you connect your Ring Doorbell to a Google Nest Hub? First, ensure that both devices are paired with your Google Assistant profile. This can be done through the Google Nest and Home apps, where the Google Assistant is built-in. Once this is done, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the Google Home app on your device.
  2. Tap the "+" icon located in the top left-hand corner of the screen.
  3. Select "Setup Device."
  4. You'll be presented with two options: "New Device" and "Works with Google." Choose "New Device."
  5. If no devices appear, you'll receive a prompt to select a device from the list.
  6. You'll then be prompted to connect the Nest app to the Nest and Ring Doorbell.
  7. Follow any in-app instructions to complete the linking process.

While it is possible to connect a Ring Doorbell to a Google Nest Hub, there are limitations to consider. Due to the competition between Amazon and Google, certain features may not be fully functional. Here are some of the limitations you may encounter:

  1. Problems with Video Casting: Casting a video from a smart device to a TV may encounter issues when using a Ring Doorbell connected to a Google Nest Hub. To cast videos, you'll need to link your smart device with your Google and Ring accounts. Alternatively, you can connect a smart TV for video casting purposes.

  2. Viewing Live Video Feed: If you connect a Ring Doorbell to a Google Nest Hub, you won't be able to stream live video from your Ring Doorbell. This limitation means you won't have 24/7 real-time video monitoring, which may be important to some users. However, if continuous video monitoring isn't a priority for you, this limitation may not be significant.

Now, let's explore other doorbell options that are compatible with the Google Nest Hub:

  1. Second-Generation Nest Doorbell: This wired doorbell is part of Google's line of smart devices and easily integrates with Google Assistant and Google Home products. It offers features such as high-resolution HDR video, continuous recording settings, face detection technology, and secure account options.

  2. Arlo Essential Video Doorbell: Arlo is a relatively new player in the intelligent doorbell market but offers unique security systems. The Arlo Essential Video Doorbell is compatible with Google Assistant and allows for voice control and video casting to smart displays. It boasts a 1:1 square aspect ratio, high-quality video resolution, and advanced motion detection features.

  3. Eufy Smart Security WiFi 2K Video Doorbell: The Eufy Smart Security Video Doorbell is a high-value product that offers ultra-high-quality video, local storage, two-way talk technology, motion alerts, and weather resistance. It stands out for its crystal-clear 2K HDR video feedback, face recognition to prevent false alarms, and easy configuration of motion zones. It does not require a monthly subscription.

  4. Remo+ RemoBell S Video Doorbell: For those on a budget, the RemoBell S offers affordability without compromising essential features. It provides three days of free cloud storage, HD video, two-way talk, and a wide 180-degree field of vision. While it lacks video casting capabilities and requires a hard-wired connection, it offers great value for its price.

In conclusion, while it is possible to connect a Ring Doorbell to a Google Nest Hub, there are limitations to consider due to the competition between Amazon and Google. If video casting and live video feedback are crucial to your smart home setup, you may want to explore alternative options such as the second-generation Nest Doorbell, Arlo Essential Video Doorbell, or Eufy Smart Security WiFi 2K Video Doorbell. These doorbells offer compatibility with the Google Nest Hub and come with their own unique features and advantages.


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