Gosund smart plug not connecting 2022 (How to fix) (2023)

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If we talk about Gosund Smart plugs, we are not doubting before saying that Gosund Smart plugs are one of the best gadgets introduced.

We are saying this because smart plugs can make simple appliances into smart devices.

If we talk about Smart plug brands, then Gosund comes in the top list for providing the best smart plugs.

We sometimes feel amazed at how this little jumbo gadget can get faulty or show errors. But the process of technology is how it is.

If it is not connecting, you don’t have to panic. Because many Gosund smart plug users complain about this problem of not connecting correctly.

If you are one of those people who are complaining about the gosund smart plug not connecting, then you don’t have to Doubt on the ground.

Because problems could persist in the smart device that is connected with it. Or you are trying to connect with.

It would be best if you had to look for the reasons behind it that why your gosound is not working in that manner.

Well, you don’t have to roam around to look for troubleshooting ways because we are here to tell you everything you need to know to connect your Gosund smart plug.

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It would help if you had to clear your mind that the connection problem Of setting Gosund smart plug is not that complicated.

Fixing so sound smart plug will not harm your connected devices.

Well, we have researched and gathered all the information you need to connect your Gosund smart plug.

Examine Wifi

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The first thing you must check is the wifi.

We know that wifi is an essential connection for the standard functionality of the gosund smart plug.

Nothing will work efficiently if something comes in the form of hurdles between wifi and a smart plug.

So you should do an examination method to configure the Wi-Fi problem.

Wifi signals

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You have to check the wifi signals. Check if the wifi signals are working properly or not.

Sometimes our router placement matters in this problem because connectivity issues can arise if a router is placed far away.

Well, our internet providers can ditch us any time of low wifi signal.

In that case, you must wait for the wifi signal to return to its position, or you can complain to your wi-fi network service provider to fix the issue.

Wifi network

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As we know, internet connection matters the most in connecting the gosund smart plug with the device that you want to make wise.

If many devices are connected to the network, try disconnecting them because overloading different devices on the same network can prevent the smart plug from connecting.

So make sure you use the same network to transform your simple appliance into a smart one through the gosund smart plug.

(Video) How to get your smart plugs to connect or reconnect after loss of power

After doing this examination, check that if removing extra devices Hs successfully connected the gosund smart plug or not

Wifi Router

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The next thing that you have to do is to check the Wi-Fi router.

Sometimes when something goes wrong with the router, it will disturb the connection.

Check the router that if it is working correctly or not. Make sure that the gosund smart plug is lying somewhere near the router.

In case of defectiveness of the Wi-Fi router, if it is broken or gone faulty, immediately contact your service provider to get it repaired or replaced.

Wifi Settings

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The next thing you must keep your eye on is Wi-Fi settings. When something goes up and down with the phone’s wi-fi settings, it will eradicate the connection.

There are two different Wi-Fi modes that you have to slide from. The first mode is accessible inEasy mode, and the other isAP mode.

The most recommended and default mode is called easy mode.

If your device or gosund app that you are using is on easy mode and your Gosund smart plug is not connecting, then it indicates that easy mode is failing.

If your Wi-fi is not working properly on easy mode, then we recommend you to shift that mode to the AP mode. You can shift the AP mode to Easy Mode via settings.

Tap settings > tape mode > select easy mode.

WiFi password

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As we all know, the theory of password is when we want to connect something with the Wi-Fi, then it will be asked by the configuration, and you have to put up the wi-fi password.

And if you will report a password, your Wi-Fi will not connect with the smart plug, which will destroy the connection.

You have to ensure for connecting, put a correct wi fi password, and if you forget your password, then we recommend you to contact your service provider are you can reset your device to change the password

Wifi configuration

The most important thing that you need to focus on is the configuration. Sound smart plug words with the 2.4 GHz band.

by any chance, if you are using a 5ghz Wi-Fi network, you have to change it to a 2.4 GHz band in the mediately.

(Video) Smart Home Device Won't CONNECT To WiFi! How to connect your 2.4 GHz Smart Home Device to Wifi.

Because go gosund smart plug will not work with 5ghz Wi-Fi network.

Factory Reset- smart plug and router

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We have listed many practical ways that you can try to connect your smart plug.

But if the gosund plug is not connecting, then it means that there is something that we are unable to identify.

So, in that case, setting the gosund plugs you are using will probably do the job.

Do you know how to factory reset your smart plug and router? If you don’t know the process of factory reset.

Then you don’t have to worry because it is the most accessible and straightforward process.

The process of factory resetting your smart plug is accessible. You have to locate the power button on the sides of the plug.

After pressing the power button then, hold the button for almost 10 to 15 seconds. This process will reset the plug.

Make your mind about resetting the smart plug or router because resetting will erase all the saved factory settings.

Well, it will shift back to the default setting, and this is a good thing because there are many bugs, and we’ll fix many glitches.

Updating Gosund smart life app

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If your Gosund smart plug not connecting, then it could be possible that the problem lies in the Gosund app or another app (maybe the google home app or Gosund smart life app).

If the Gosund app does not work correctly, the connection will stay on hold.

We recommend you check for updates for the Gosund app. If updates are available in the google play store, then update your Gosund smart plug app.

What if there is nothing to update? Then we recommend you uninstall the Gosund app and install it back because this will possibly fix any issues that can happen because of the Gosund app.

You have to remember that erasing all the settings return to its default setting.

Incompatibility with VPN

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If you use a virtual private network called VPN, problems could lie in it. VPN works to Use your Internet so that your geolocation will stay anonymous.

(Video) Gosund Smart Plug - Unboxing & Setup!

And you will be able to use the Internet anonymously. But if you add a smart plug to the network, VPN can get interrupted or disconnected.

If something wrong happens with the network through VPN, then it could be possible that your smart plug will not be connecting.

Well, if you are having any problems with VPN. Or connection related to VPN. Then we recommend you Deactivate your VPN.

If deactivating your VPN does the job, it means that problem lies in the VPN. And you are good to go.

But if the VPN was not a problem, you must shift to the next step.

Faulty wall socket

Gosund smart plug not connecting 2022 (How to fix) (10)

You must check the power source if your smart plug is not connecting.

Sometimes when we connect our smart plug with the power outlet, and it doesn’t connect, we think that problem lies in the smart plug or appliance we are trying to connect.

But the connection problem could lie in the wall socket. So it would help if you had to examine it by Simply attaching another device like your mobile charger.

Suppose your mobile starts charging correctly. Then it means that there is nothing wrong with the wall socket. And you can skip this step.

But if your mobile Doesn’t start charging. Then it indicates that the problem lies in the wall socket.

Try a different socket, and Fixing the old one or even replacing it will most probably fix the problem.


Smart plugs always work innovatively for your smart home. But like all other small mini gadgets, it can also show errors in different forms.

If your Gosund smart plug not connecting, you must find ways to fix the Gosund smart plug.

Gosund smart plug uses an indicator light to confirm its connection.

But if your smart plug is acting weirdly, like blinking rapidly, or if it blinks slowly, you need to do a close search. We have listed many ways to help you fix the Gosund smart plug.

But if previous fixes don’t work for you, and if you are feeling stuck, then contact the Gosund customer care center to get professional help.

But we are sure you will fix Gosund smart plug with our troubleshooting tips and guide.

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