How Tim Doyle's Marketing Career Took Off (2023)

Tim Doyle, a former Koala mattress marketer and entrepreneur, experienced a turning point in his career during the 2016 Malcolm Turnbull-Bill Shorten federal election. At the time, Doyle was working as a junior strategy consultant at digital marketing agency Harris Partners, where he was involved in a contract with the Australian Labor Party. When the election was called, the ALP needed assistance with social media, search, and digital display advertising, and Doyle stepped up to the challenge [[SOURCE 1]].

During this period, Doyle witnessed the power of targeted advertising on social media platforms. He was particularly intrigued by a Facebook feature called "offline custom audiences," which allowed political parties to target specific messages to individuals based on their geographic location. This breakthrough in advertising capabilities fascinated Doyle and sparked his interest in the potential of highly targeted marketing [[SOURCE 1]].

After his experience with the ALP, Doyle joined Koala, an upstart mattress brand. During his time there, the company's revenue skyrocketed from $2.9 million a month to over $56 million a year. Doyle attributed this success to the company's marketing strategy, which involved creating numerous ads and scaling the ones that performed well. The average age of Koala's marketing team was 25, and they focused on generating engaging content that resonated with their target audience [[SOURCE 1]].

The Birth of Eucalyptus and Disrupting the Healthcare Industry

Inspired by his success at Koala, Doyle and his colleague Charlie Gearside left the company to start their own venture called Eucalyptus. Eucalyptus serves as the "brand engine" behind three e-commerce companies: Pilot (men's health), Kin Fertility (contraceptive pills), and Software (prescription skincare). The goal of Eucalyptus is to disrupt the healthcare industry, particularly by providing accessible healthcare services for young people who may frequently move [[SOURCE 1]].

Unlike traditional Silicon Valley tech startups, Eucalyptus takes a brand- and product-led approach to its business model. The company focuses on creating high-quality products and services that resonate with its target audience. Doyle and his co-founders have raised significant funding for Eucalyptus, and the company now has over 70,000 customers across its three brands [[SOURCE 1]].

Doyle's Vision for the Future

Doyle sees himself as part of a new generation of Australian entrepreneurs who are shaping the business landscape. He believes that the internet has reshaped various aspects of society, including relationships, work, and gender roles. As an entrepreneur, Doyle acknowledges the influence of recommendation algorithms on content consumption and the need for responsible use of these algorithms. He finds inspiration in individuals like Joe Rogan and Jordan Peterson, who have emerged as influential figures in the digital age [[SOURCE 1]].

In terms of Eucalyptus, Doyle's short-term goal is to reach a break-even point and continue attracting top talent to the company. In the long term, he envisions Eucalyptus becoming an Australian powerhouse in the health and wellness industry, producing globally recognized products and services [[SOURCE 1]].


Tim Doyle's career in marketing took off during the 2016 federal election in Australia, where he played a crucial role in the ALP's digital marketing efforts. Inspired by the power of targeted advertising on social media platforms, Doyle went on to achieve remarkable success at Koala and later co-founded Eucalyptus. With a focus on disrupting the healthcare industry and creating innovative products and services, Doyle is shaping the future of Australian entrepreneurship [[SOURCE 1]].


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