How to Use Blink Camera Without Subscription | 13 Easy Guides (2023)

Are you curious about how to use your Blink camera without a subscription? With the rise of home security products and services, it’s no surprise that more people are invested in finding ways to keep their houses and families safe.

How to Use Blink Camera Without Subscription | 13 Easy Guides (1)

Whether you want to monitor activity around your property or just add some extra peace of mind to your day, Blink cameras offer an easy-to-use solution for surveillance monitoring.

However, not all users realize that you don’t need a subscription plan to get the most out of this quality device! Read on for our tips and tricks on how to use blink camera without subscription so that you can enjoy modern home security technology with all the convenience but none of the commitment.

13 Step-by-step Guidelines on How to Use Blink Camera Without Subscription:

Step 1: Choose a Suitable Model.

Before you start using your camera without a subscription, it’s important to choose the right model for your needs. Investigate what features each model provides and weigh up what is important for your home security. That way, you’ll be sure to get the most out of your camera without a subscription plan.

Step 2: Install the Blink App.

Once you have purchased your model, download the app and connect your device to it. This is essential for setting up your camera and controlling it without a subscription. You will also be able to view the live feed on your app. But don’t forget, you won’t be able to access extra features such as cloud storage without a subscription plan.

Step 3: Connect Your Camera to Wi-Fi.

The next step is connecting your camera to the internet via Wi-Fi or an Ethernet cable depending on your model. If you opt for a wired connection, make sure that all the cables are connected securely. It is also essential to use a password-protected connection as this will ensure that your device remains secure.

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Step 4: Set Your Preferences in the App.

How to Use Blink Camera Without Subscription | 13 Easy Guides (4)

Now that you have successfully installed and connected your camera, use the app to set preferences such as motion detection sensing range, video quality, etc., according to your needs.

Remember, these settings can be adjusted at any time without a subscription. It’s also a good idea to double-check that the time and date are correct; this will ensure accurate recording.

Step 5: Enable Push Notifications for Alerts.

You will also need to enable push notifications to receive alerts when the camera detects movement. This is a great way for you to stay on top of any potential intrusions without having to rely on subscription services. This is also a useful feature if you want to monitor activity in your home while away.

Step 6: Adjust Motion Detection Sensors as Required.

You may find that you need to adjust the motion detection sensors if your camera is receiving false alarms from movement in the wind or animals in your yard. Again, this can be adjusted through the app settings so you don’t miss anything important. You can also enable the ‘person detection’ feature if you want to receive notifications only when a person is detected.

Step 7: Review Your Camera Feeds Regularly.

Make sure that you log into the app regularly to review what your camera has been recording during its activity monitoring sessions. This will help you double-check that everything is as it should be in your home or business. But remember, without a subscription plan, you won’t be able to store any of your recordings.

Step 8: Record Your Videos Manually.

Instead of relying on a subscription plan to record footage, you can also choose to manually record video clips whenever you need them. Simply press the record button in the app and then save it for future reference when needed. You can also take snapshots at any time.

Step 9: Utilize Cloud Recording When Necessary.

How to Use Blink Camera Without Subscription | 13 Easy Guides (5)

Cloud recording is an essential feature if you want to store your recordings over long periods of time. Though this may require you to purchase additional memory space, it’s a great way to securely store important videos and files without having to rely on subscription services. So if you ever find yourself in need of extra storage, this could be a great solution.

Step 10: Use Automation Services to Monitor Your Feeds.

You can also utilize automation services such as IFTTT or SmartThings to monitor your camera feeds and send alerts if necessary. This is a great way to keep an extra eye on your home or business when you are away. You can easily set up these services within the app settings. It’s important to remember though, that these services do come with a monthly subscription fee.

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Step 11: Keep Up With Software Updates.

To ensure that your camera is working at its best, make sure that you regularly update the software through the app settings menu. It’s important to do this frequently so that you don’t miss out on any new features or security patches that may become available. You can also use this opportunity to customize settings according to your needs.

Step 12: Utilize Third-Party Accessories for Added Control.

How to Use Blink Camera Without Subscription | 13 Easy Guides (6)

If you want more control over your camera feeds, consider using third-party accessories such as a smart plug. This can be connected to your device and enable you to control the power, dimming lights, etc., through voice commands. This is a great way to add convenience and security to your home.

Step 13: Consider Professional Monitoring Options If Needed.

Finally, if you feel that a subscription plan is necessary, consider investing in one of the professional monitoring options available on the market. Most companies offer competitive rates and provide an added layer of security for your home or business. Remember, this is a great way to stay safe and secure without having to invest in expensive cameras or equipment.

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How to Change a Car Battery?

By following these steps, you can learn how to use blink camera without subscription and protect your property with all the convenience but none of the commitment!

Remember to stay vigilant and keep up with software updates for the best performance.

What is the Use of a Blink Camera?

Blink cameras are security devices that can be used to monitor your business or home. With motion detection, night vision, two-way audio, and cloud recording features, these cameras provide a comprehensive security solution. They are also customizable and can be connected to automation services for added convenience.

With the help of a Blink camera, you can easily monitor your property from anywhere and make sure that it’s secure. This is an easy and affordable way to keep an extra eye on your property without the hassle of subscription plans.

How to Use Blink Camera Without Subscription | 13 Easy Guides (7)

Do You Need to Use Professionals?

If you want to get the most out of your Blink camera, it’s best to consult a professional who can help you set up the device and customize settings according to your needs.

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Professionals can also recommend additional accessories and services that may enhance your security setups, such as motion sensors, smart plugs, or professional monitoring services.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I Use a Blink Camera Without a Subscription?

A: Yes, you can use a Blink camera without a subscription. You can manually record videos and take snapshots without a subscription, and you can also use cloud recording for extra storage. Additionally, you can utilize automation services and third-party accessories to get extra control and features.

Q: What is the Use of a Blink Camera?

A: Blink cameras can be used to monitor your business or home. With motion detection, night vision, two-way audio, and cloud recording features, these cameras provide a comprehensive security solution. They are also customizable and can be connected to automation services for added convenience.

Q: How Do I Set Up My Blink Camera?

A: You can easily set up your Blink camera by downloading the app and following the setup instructions. The process is relatively straightforward and should take no more than a few minutes. Once the setup is complete, you will be able to start monitoring your property from anywhere with an internet connection.

Q: What is the Difference Between Cloud Recording and Manual Recording?

A: With manual recording, you can only record videos or take snapshots without being able to store them in the cloud. With cloud recording, you can store your recordings and access them from anywhere with an internet connection. Cloud recording is a great way to ensure that you don’t miss out on any important moments.


After reading this article now you know how to use blink camera without subscription. Setting up a Blink Camera is easy and does not require any additional, monthly fees.

With a little bit of knowledge, you can use the camera on its own or connect it to the Blink app for added convenience. Not only does this help you keep an eye on your home from anywhere, but it can also provide peace of mind for yourself and your loved ones.

The immense satisfaction that comes from taking an active role in ensuring the safety and security of your home makes setting up a Blink camera well worth the effort. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can feel secure and safe while using your new camera without having to spend more money on subscription fees.

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How to Use Blink Camera Without Subscription | 13 Easy Guides? ›

Without a Blink Subscription, or existing cloud storage, certain Blink cameras receive Motion Notifications in the Blink app. Simply tap the notification to enter the camera's Live View. No clips are saved, but you have two-way audio and video from the camera through the Blink app.

How do I use my Blink camera without subscription? ›

Without a Blink Subscription, or existing cloud storage, certain Blink cameras receive Motion Notifications in the Blink app. Simply tap the notification to enter the camera's Live View. No clips are saved, but you have two-way audio and video from the camera through the Blink app.

Can I use a Blink camera without the module? ›

Yes, you can use the Blink camera without a Sync Module. So no, you do not need one. However, you will be limited to how many security cameras you can connect with it at one time, as well as not being able to view all of them at once in the mobile app.

How do I get my Blink camera to record all the time? ›

Blink cameras do not offer continuous recording, though you can leave the system armed for any interval of time.

How do I save a Blink video to my USB? ›

If you aren't subscribing to a Blink plan, once you plug in a compatible and properly formatted USB flash drive into the Sync Module 2, local storage starts automatically and saves motion detection clips to the drive. No extra steps are needed.

Do all security cameras require a subscription? ›

Many security camera manufacturers have been using these AI-driven features to entice consumers into paying for a subscription. But there are still plenty of security cameras without a subscription that will offer at least one of these intelligent features (usually person detection) for no extra charge.

Does Blink still record without sync module? ›

You must own or use an existing Sync Module 2. When your Mini is not part of a Blink Subscription or trial, and a recognized USB drive is inserted into the Sync Module 2, your motion clips automatically begin saving to the USB drive.

Does blink camera need Wi-Fi or sync module? ›

The Sync Module is the hub between the Blink app, Blink Servers and your camera. Without an internet connection, this data exchange is not possible.

What does the blue light on the blink camera mean? ›

Blink Mini blue recording status LED setting

Always On - Displays a green light on the front of the Mini camera when it is active and ready to use, then shows a blue light while recording. Always Off - Never display the Status LED.

Can you record Live View on Blink camera? ›

From the Home screen, tap the Live View icon located in the lower left corner of each camera. 2. On the Live View screen, Save in the lower left indicates the current session is saved to Cloud Storage for that camera. Tap this icon to enable or disable saving the Live View session.

Do Blink cameras record all day? ›

Do Blink Cameras Record Continuously? Unfortunately, Blink cameras do not record 24/7, they are purely motion-based clips. With a subscription plan, you'll only be able to look at Live View continuously, but even that has a time limit. After 90 minutes, Live View will stop.

Can Blink record longer than 60 seconds? ›

How long can I set the camera to record for? Clip length can differ among cameras. Most can be set between 5 and 60 seconds. Learn more about how to change your clip length.

Can 2 people watch Blink camera at once? ›

Any person signed in to your Blink account has access to view and manage your Blink devices and account. Although motion alerts may appear simultaneously on multiple devices for different people, one person at a time can can access the Live View for a motion notification.

Can someone disable my Blink camera? ›

Well, the answer is a Yes! According to Tenable Inc, one of the leading Cyber security firms, these cameras are vulnerable to hacking.

Can Blink cameras be armed automatically? ›

Tap in the top right of the screen. By default, Arm will be enabled and the toggle on the right will be set to AM. Schedule Arming: First, set the time and day you want to set your schedule arming.

How do I save Blink videos for free? ›

Follow these steps depending on your mobile device:
  1. iOS Save video button: Tap Share and then tap Save Video . It will save to the Camera Roll by default.
  2. Android download button: Tap in the upper left corner. It will save to the Videos folder by default.

Why are my Blink cameras no longer saving to USB? ›

Power cycle.

Power cycling the camera may also resolve this issue. Try removing and then reinserting the batteries or the USB cable connection.

What is the USB port on the back of a Blink camera for? ›

The USB port on the back of the camera can be used with a Micro USB cable and power adapter (not included with your camera) to power your cameras instead of batteries. For proper safety, only use 5 volt, 1 Amp, USB power adapters.

Are Blink cameras worth it without subscription? ›

Without a plan

You can use your Blink camera without a monthly fee, but there aren't many features compared to free plans from brands like Ring, Arlo, and Google Nest. Still, it's a nice way to save some cash when you don't want cloud video storage.

Why do security cameras require a subscription? ›

The primary advantage of paying for a security camera subscription is cloud storage, but service may come with added features such as smart notifications, better video resolution and even extended product warranties.

Are Blink cameras worth it? ›

For the price, Blink cameras are good quality. And they have really long battery lives. We may earn money when you click our links. Blink cameras are for people who want high-quality video in an affordable, minimalist package.

Does Blink work if WiFi goes out? ›

Blink cameras cannot record and store footage on the Blink Cloud servers without a solid WiFi connection. Additionally, they lose out on almost all the features it is advertised to do such as remote device monitoring, security notifications, and two-way audio without a WiFi connection.

Why doesn t Blink always record? ›

Conclusion. In conclusion, Blink cameras are not always recording. They use motion detection to trigger recording, and stop when the motion stops or the maximum recording time is reached. However, users can manually start a live video stream from the camera at any time using the “Live View” feature.

Why is my Blink camera offline but still recording? ›

If you receive a "Camera Offline" notification that "Your Blink Mini is offline", it means the Blink servers lost communication with the camera. This will normally fix itself when the network comes back up, or when there is less traffic on the Wi-Fi network.

What app works with Blink camera? ›

Use the Blink Home Monitor app to check in on what's happening at home from anywhere at any time. The app connects your home to your phone in HD video so you can see and protect what matters most.

How much data does Blink camera use? ›

How much data does a single clip use? A five-second motion clip with audio when quality is set to Best will use up to 750KB of data. This is important to note if you are accessing clips via a cellular network, rather than a WiFi connection.

What does the red light mean on Blink camera? ›

A red light on the Blink Mini shows when the camera is not connected to the internet. As a first step, unplug and plug-in the Mini camera. If the Mini was already connected to your network, the red LED changes to solid blue and blinking green lights as the Mini reconnects.

How do you know if Blink camera is recording? ›

All Blink cameras have a blue LED light (illuminator) on them that lights up when the camera is recording. However, the blue activity light can be turned off manually in all cameras, so if you need to check if it is recording, make sure the status LED is set to recording.

Can Blink cameras hear conversations? ›

The Blink Wired Floodlight, Video Doorbell, Outdoor and Indoor (3rd Gen), Mini, and XT2 cameras have two-way audio. This allows you to speak through the camera's speaker and listen to the camera microphone for a two-way conversation.

Can you hear audio on Blink camera? ›

Blink cameras have a speaker and a microphone inside their housing. The speaker volume can be controlled in Camera Settings‍ or Doorbell Settings‍, where you can turn off the microphone and speaker by changing the Enable Audio setting to off.

Does Blink record voices? ›

All Blink cameras record audio as well as video on the motion clips. However, the Blink indoor cameras do not have two-way (ability to speak into).

What is the trigger time for blink camera? ›

When you arrive home to your Armed Blink system, you can trigger a motion alert by walking past your camera. The delay between clips or retrigger time provides enough time to Disarm your system. By default, the system will capture a five second clip, and wait for the retrigger time of 30 seconds.

Does Blink record in the dark? ›

Blink cameras have an 850nm infrared (IR) LED light to show you clear video in areas of complete darkness. If Night Vision is enabled, your camera will be able to view and record in a low light or non-lit environment.

Can 2 phones use the same blink camera? ›

Can the Blink app be accessed from more than one device? Yes! You can download our app and log into the same account from as many iOS and Android devices as you'd like, so the entire household can receive alerts or check in at home.

How many phones can connect to Blink? ›

The Blink app can be added to a maximum of 100 devices. If there's an attempt to log in to over 100 devices, the account owner will see the screen below.

How do I organize my blink camera? ›

To change the order, press and drag the three bars on the camera that you want to move. Place it in your desired location. Once you're happy with the order of your cameras, your device order will be set. You can now go back to the home screen of your Blink app and see the new order of your cameras.

Can I give my Blink camera to someone else? ›

If you gift or sell your Blink device to someone else, you must remove that device from your Blink account first before anyone else may use it. If your equipment is not deleted from your account, the new owner will not be able to add it to their Blink account.

Does Blink cover stolen cameras? ›

Blink will happily provide your courtesy, cost-free replacement device, within 15 business days of verifying the police report copy you provide. Replacement of your stolen Blink device is a courtesy service provided by Blink.

Can burglars disable security cameras? ›

Burglars have also been orchestrating a bizarre attack on security cameras known as “jamming,” This tactic works on cameras receiving wireless signals at a set frequency. Burglars tamper with this by overpowering that set frequency with a more powerful signal at the same frequency.

What does running man mean on Blink? ›

The Running Man icon allows you to Enable or Disable Motion Detection from the Home Screen for each camera in your system. Once Motion Detection is enabled, you will receive Motion Notifications from the Blink app.

Does Blink record motion when not armed? ›

Generally, Blink cameras shouldn't record when disarmed. They should only do so when armed. So, if your camera is recording when disarmed, it could be that Motion Detection is enabled. Remember that Motion Detection automatically becomes active when the camera is armed.

Can I arm some Blink cameras but not others? ›

You cannot arm/disarm each camera separately, all the cameras on the module will arm and disarm at the same time. If you want to program zones of specific cameras, you will need a module for each zone.

How do I access Blink cloud storage? ›

If you're using a Blink subscription or cloud storage service with your system, you can access any available motion clip on your account directly within the app. Tap the Clip Roll icon at the bottom of any screen within the Blink app to download clips directly to your mobile device, or to share them externally.

Can I view my blink camera away from home? ›

We can't guarantee a connection from any particular country or internet connection due to firewalls and open ports, but the system is designed to be used when away from home. Wi-Fi will need to remain on in the home for the system to run.

Can I use any flash drive for Blink camera? ›

In addition, you can have a max of 10 Mini cameras per account, this applies to account with and without Sync Module 2. A: You are able to use any USB flash drive up to 256GB with the sync module 2, flash drive can be 2.0 or 3.0 (hard drives, SD cards, etc. will not be compatible).

Why is my blink camera not recording? ›

Network. If the camera has a weak connection to your wireless router, it may cause the camera to record false motion clips. Increasing the Retrigger Time should resolve this issue. You can also move the camera closer to your wireless router.

Do you have to use cloud storage with Blink? ›

Yes. You can use local storage with a Blink Sync Module 2 in conjunction with your Blink Subscription Plan – just make sure to save locally stored videos to your computer because the USB flash drive does not sync with the cloud storage.

How much does Blink cost for cloud? ›

Blink Cloud Subscriptions
Blink PlansBasicPlus
10% off Blink ProductsNoYes
Warranty1 yearAs long as subscription is active
Number of Cameras1Unlimited
Price$3 per month/$30 per year$10 per month/$100 per year
4 more rows

Are Blink videos available on the cloud after they are deleted? ›

Once a clip is deleted in the app, it is immediately and permanently removed from Blink's servers. Blink Support cannot recover deleted clips.

How do you see live on a Blink camera? ›

To see your doorbell camera view in the Blink mobile app, tap the Live View icon in its thumbnail area. When the live view opens, your microphone is muted, and audio from the doorbell is playing. In landscape (full-screen view) tap the screen to see your control options.

How far away will Blink camera detect motion? ›

The maximum motion detection range is approximately 20 feet for all blink cameras. Some factors that influence motion detection are the app sensitivity setting, camera placement, object size, infrared illumination and object temperature.

How far away can my Blink camera be? ›

How far away can camera units be placed? Assuming a fairly standard home (single building, no unusually dense construction materials), the Sync Module should be able to communicate with Blink units up to (and perhaps over) 100' away in any direction.

How many cameras can I run on my Blink system? ›

The Blink app allows you to manage multiple Sync Module systems and their connected Blink devices from a single account. Each Sync Module added to your account allows you to group and manage up to ten cameras in a single system.

Can you put SD card in Blink? ›

It's fully cloud-based, meaning there are no SD or Micro SD card slots. In exchange, there are no recurring cloud storage fees.

Why does my Blink camera take random pictures? ›

This happens when Photo Capture is active, while the system is Armed (manually or by a schedule), and when an eligible camera is attached to an active Blink Subscription Plan (or is within a trial period). Note: Photo Capture is only available if you have an active Blink Subscription Plan.

How do you know if a Blink camera is recording? ›

Always On - Displays a green light on the front of the Mini camera when it is active and ready to use, then shows a blue light while recording.

Why can't I see my Blink camera on my phone? ›

To fix a Blink camera not showing Live View on the Home screen, check the status of the network and power cycle both the device and the Router. If the issue persists, update the Blink app or remove and reinstall the app. If these don't work, factory reset your Blink camera. What is this?


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