What does an IQ 114 mean - Two great jobs fit your 114 IQ (2023)

IQ 114 score is excellent since it suggests that you are smarter but not 'too clever,' and it must be a better depiction of the following concept.

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I. What does an IQ 114 mean?

The number IQ 114 is regarded to be between IQ 110 and IQ 119, indicating a High Average IQ level. Furthermore, the Stanford– Binet classification yields the similar findings of IQ 114, which is likewise above average in the rank between 110 and 119.

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An IQ 114 indicates that you have above-average intellect. You are fully capable of interacting with the vast majority of the population, both those with lower and higher exam results. In practice, it is a score that corresponds to college style studies, BA degrees, theoretical learning, and roles such as manager or instructor.

The IQ 114 score is excellent since it suggests that you are smarter but not 'too clever,' and it must be a better representation for the following concept. On the other side, you have a thorough understanding of the world.

This is a fairly general definition, and it should not deter you from further developing and honing your talents. In other words, it is not guaranteed that you will receive simply a BA degree or anything else that 'fits' the score.

It suggests you have stronger perceptual reasoning than most individuals, as well as likely higher verbal understanding, a faster thinking, and sharper logic. This does not make you a genius, but it does provide numerous possibilities to put your skills to work in the real world.

Higher IQ does not simply serve to show talents evaluated solely on your exam. Those abilities might be utilized to supplement other gifts you may provide.

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But some may argue that this is not a pleasant scenario because one may feel distanced from individuals of 'lower' intellect, while not as excellent as those 'above,' it is mostly a question of personal attitude and personality profile. In other words, your IQ score alone cannot predict how well you will do in life.

Emotional intelligence has been widely recognized as a critical aspect in the actual manifestation of someone's score. You might interpret an IQ 114 result or a score of average greater intellect as counting you among the average but also opening the door to higher intelligence.

Do not become obsessed with your score; the fact that you are interested in it demonstrates your determination to broaden your own view and horizons, which is a feature of a higher scorer and is, by all means, a great thing.

An IQ 114 is not at the top of the IQ scale, but it is above average. Some might argue that this is not a very fulfilling condition since one may feel separated from individuals of 'lower' intellect; yet, while it is not as excellent as those 'above,' it would be an important aspect of one's personal attitude and personality profile.

Furthermore, an IQ 114 score is really nice since it suggests that you are smarter but not 'too clever,' and it must be a better illustration for the next concept. On the other hand, you have a profound understanding of the world, and your IQ score cannot be the sole indicator of how IQ tests do not assess talents such as creativity, common sense, or social sensitivity. There is a wide range of knowledge and talents, including abstract reasoning ability.

II. Two great jobs fit your IQ 114

1. Veterinarian

The veterinary profession is one of the most intriguing, rewarding, and diversified occupations for IQ 114 students to pursue. Veterinarians are medical professionals who work to care for animals. Although other types of physicians may also provide certain veterinary services, most veterinarians are medical doctors.

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1.1 Compassion

A veterinarian will often visit with animal breeders, farmers, and pet owners who are concerned, stressed, or distressed about the health of their animal. When dealing with the owner's emotions, the veterinarian must be compassionate, especially when the animal is critically ill or injured and euthanasia is required. Veterinarians should also treat animals with dignity, whether they are people's pets, livestock, or wild creatures rescued by concerned citizens.

Successful veterinarians are passionate about their work and their patients, which allows them to give the finest veterinary care possible. They are very caring toward the owners as well as the animals. They use the time between veterinarian appointments to relax and quiet them while looking for a solution to the patient's difficulties.

1.2 Problem Solver

Another crucial trait of a veterinarian, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, is problem-solving ability. To determine what is wrong with an animal, the veterinarian must undertake a physical examination and request the appropriate laboratory or imaging tests. An animal cannot tell a veterinarian what is wrong, and owners may only be able to identify a change in behavior. Clinical research veterinarians should be proficient in identifying and diagnosing symptoms, behavioral abnormalities, and other grounds for concern.

1.3 Dexterity

Veterinarians must have excellent manual dexterity. They may be required to restrain animals who are reluctant, fearful, or furious. They must use caution while treating an injured animal or doing a physical examination of an animal's condition. When doing surgery, the veterinarian must be exact in their motions and aware of where their hands and fingers are at all times.

1.4 Skilled Communicator

A veterinarian should be skilled in instructing and directing their workforce, which includes technicians, laboratory experts, phlebotomists, and administrative team members. When a veterinarian needs to describe an animal's health to its owner, they should be able to do it in a way that anybody who does not have a veterinary medical degree may comprehend. The doctor should be able to offer owners with clear and concise oral and written instructions for caring for their animal after they leave the veterinary clinic or after the physician departs the owner's property.

2. Geologist

Geologists, often known as geoscientists, study the physical earth's composition and processes of growth and degradation in order to learn about the past and predict the future. They work at both commercial and public institutions for a variety of reasons and often divide their time between the office, lab work, and time in the field. What abilities are required to be a geologist, one of the best careers for IQ 114?

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2.1. Analytical Abilities

Geologists conduct significant assessments of their results. To conduct a successful analysis, you must have a strong foundation in numerous interconnected areas, such as arithmetic, physics, and biology. Geologist abilities include the ability to frame questions based on scientific procedures and conduct experiments and investigations to obtain answers.

2.2 Problem-solving skills

Geoscientists work on sophisticated projects that are full with hurdles. Geoscientists must utilize and interpret complicated data sources. Evaluating statistical data and other types of information in order to make decisions and inform the activities of other workers necessitates a unique capacity to detect and handle issues.

III. Kobe Bryant IQ - Celebrity with IQ 114

Kobe Bryant IQ is 144-was a former professional basketball player from the United States. When Kobe was six years old, his father left the NBA to play professional basketball in Italy. Kobe quickly adjusted to his new surroundings and learnt Italian. He learnt to play football as a boy, and his favorite football team was AC Milan. He previously stated that if he were still living in Italy, he would like to be a player, and FC Barcelona is his favorite team. Kobe admires Barcelona coach Frank Rijkaard and Barcelona superstar Ronaldinho.

Kobe became well-known throughout the United States as a result of his outstanding performances at Lower Merion High School in Lower Merion, a Philadelphia suburb. Few people are aware that he has an IQ 114. His SAT score of 1080 ensures that he will receive basketball scholarships from prestigious institutions. After graduating from high school, Kobe stated that he will attend Duke University to play collegiate basketball. Kobe, on the other hand, chose to play professionally in the NBA.

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Bryant, a scoring defender, played his whole career with the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA Basketball League. He entered the NBA immediately after graduating from high school and won five NBA titles. Bryant had 18 All-Star appearances, 15 All-NBA Team appearances, 12 All-NBA Defensive Team appearances, and was crowned the NBA's Most Valuable Player (MVP) in 2008.

If you are curious whether you own IQ, you can take part in IQ tests on websitesIQ-test.net or reputable educational centers which specialize in IQ measurement to identify your own IQ scores.

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