Where are LG TVs Made? (2023)

LG Electronics is one of the leading TV manufacturers in the world, with a market share of 12.8% [[SOURCE 1]]. LG TVs are manufactured by LG Electronics, with assistance from their manufacturing affiliate, LG Display, which produces the LCD panels, OLED displays, and flexible displays for different screen sizes [[SOURCE 1]].

LG has a long and storied history when it comes to televisions. As GoldStar, they produced the first black and white TV set in South Korea in 1966. By 1976, GoldStar was producing 1 million ready-made TVs annually. In 1998, LG developed the world's first 60-inch plasma LG TV, and in 2007, they released the first LG Smart TV. By 2013, LG had become the second-largest LCD TV manufacturer worldwide [[SOURCE 1]].

LG TVs are manufactured in several countries around the world. Here are the countries where LG TVs are made:

1. Korea

Being a South Korean company, LG's first manufacturing plants were established in South Korea. Over the years, LG Electronics has also established factories in other countries and regions, including New Zealand, Australia, and various Asian and American nations. Some of their Korean plants have even migrated to these countries as well [[SOURCE 1]].

2. Vietnam

LG opened a factory in Hai Phong, Vietnam, in 2015 for the production of smartphones. However, in April 2021, the company decided to discontinue the production of mobile phones at this plant and refocus on the production of household appliances and other electronics. LG Vietnam also manufactures LED TVs at this facility [[SOURCE 1]].

3. China

LG has factories in China, particularly in the industrial city of Guangzhou. These factories produce TVs, smartphones, air conditioners, and other LG products. The focus of production at the Guangzhou plant is on liquid crystal displays, which are manufactured by LG Display. In 2021, it was reported that LG Display was expanding its production capacity of OLED displays used for their top-tier TVs in the Guangzhou factories [[SOURCE 1]].

4. India

LG Electronics exports up to 10% of their total component production from LG India. LG TVs initially sold for the Indian market included the "mosquito-repelling television," which uses ultrasonic waves to repel mosquitoes. LG has also been involved in pandemic support efforts in India [[SOURCE 1]].

5. Indonesia

LG has factories in Indonesia, which have been in operation since 1990, making them the longest-running factories for the company. In recent years, LG's Korean plants in Gumi have gradually moved production to Indonesia as a strategy to better respond to consumer demands in Southeast Asia and Australia. The focus of these production lines is on OLED displays and Ultra HD TVs [[SOURCE 1]].

6. Russia

LG has established TV factories in Ruza, Russia, which manufacture an estimated 1 million TV units annually. While these facilities ship LG products to Eastern European countries, they face tight competition with Polish LG facilities [[SOURCE 1]].

7. Poland

While LG's display plants officially vacated Poland in 2019, their manufacturing plants for OLED TVs remain to cater to various European markets. Additionally, plans are underway to establish a multi-million EUR plant in Wroclaw, Poland, with the intention of making it the largest battery plant in the world. LG TV factories in Poland are expected to continue operating for the foreseeable future [[SOURCE 1]].

8. Mexico

In Mexico, LG manufactures TVs for the North American market through its TV factory in Reynosa. To meet the demand for LG TVs in the US, South America, and Latin America, LG reportedly increased its TV production capacity in Mexico in 2019. Mexico has a strong electronic production industry, which benefits the appliance manufacturing sector. Many brands, including LG, have established factories in Mexico [[SOURCE 1]].

In conclusion, LG TVs are manufactured in various countries, including Korea, Vietnam, China, India, Indonesia, Russia, Poland, and Mexico. LG has a global presence and ensures the production of reliable and high-quality television sets that are a sight for sore eyes [[SOURCE 1]].


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